Product safety

Teething Amber

Amber jewellery is only for wearing, not for chewing.

Please don’t allow your child to chew the amber beads as amber is brittle by nature and the beads could crack under pressure.

All beads on baby amber jewellery (except stretch anklets) are knotted individually for safety. The screw clasp is designed to break open when force is applied.

For the most effective use of your amber jewellery, your baby should wear their amber as often as possible.

Please use Baltic amber under supervision. Removing amber necklaces at nap time is recommended.  To continue the exposure to amber, wrap the necklace around the ankle and cover it with a sock or sleeper so that your little is safe while still receiving the benefits of Baltic amber.

With proper care amber jewellery should last many years, but due to its sensitive nature we recommend you check the amber beads occasionally for cracks or damage.

Mamas, while we have stringent safety standards, we are not responsible for any damage or harm that may be incurred while our products are in use. Please use them responsibly.